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Timber Frame


Unique System

Unlike conventional timber frame our unique patented system eliminates the use of sheathing board on the outer face of wall panels utilising nail plates and diagonal bracing to provide racking resistance with unprecedented strength & rigidity

External and internal load bearing walls have a finished cross section of 47 x 97mm for improved fixing All panels are manufactured out of the highest grade double vacuum treated TR26 timber

Speed & Simplicity

Panels are supplied to site as open frames so the ease of assembly and handling is significantly improved Top hung Ecojoists eliminate the

requirement for a ring beam and Joist hangers Construction costs are reduced through safer & faster site erection

All goods are referenced for easy location in conjunction with detailed guidelines & drawings provided to site Boards of rigid insulation are fitted externally once the frame has been erected greatly simplifying the build process. minimising transit damage and reducing waste.

Energy Efficiency

Our system is compliant with all current building regulations including Part L. Our system has been tested successfully for air lightness and can achieve U-Values between 0 29 and 0 12 Wtm2K greatly reducing CO2 emissions

The rigid insulation boards fixed to the outside of the panels create a 'warm frame' thus avoiding cold bridging and the risk of condensation, eliminating the need for a separate breather membrane and the taping of Joints

High Flexibility

Any external cladding material, from traditional brick, through to brick slip systems and render panels can be used in conjunction with the system

Metal Web Joists

• Made to measure joists mean no site wastage and quicker installation

• Open web profile allows speed and simplicity of  service and  access runs.

• 40% lighter than equivalent solid Joists making for easier handling on site

• Greater surface areas allow for easier chipboard and plasterboard fixing

• Allows for a true silent floor and minimises shrinkage

• Retro installation of additional services with minimum disruption

Improved Efficiency

Our Eco Joist system provides high integrity joists using upper and lower chords of high grade structural timber interconnected by metal webs to provide the component strength The resultant open web profile has significant benefits in the speed and simplicity of  feeding cables  and  services

Minimised Shrinkage

The upper and lower chords provide a greater surface area for floor and ceiling fixings The use of steel webs in the construction minimises the amount of timber in the joist. Shrinkage in the joists as a whole is reduced proportionally to the reduction in the timber used This allows for a true silent floor and further eliminates the cost of providing for the shrinkage details or warranty and callback costs from warped or irregular shrinkage

Reduced Building Height

The use of acoustic composite flooring panels in combination with timber frame and metal web joists means that the overall building height can be reduced, whilst retaining the same internal build dimensions This creates the possibility of significant cost savings eg brick course(s). labour and time

Pre-Assembled Doorsets

ETF (Northern) provide high quality, pre-assembled internal doorsets which

• Saves time

• Reduces cost

• Ensures quality

• Maintain fire regulation tolerances for FD3O & FD60 ,

Our doorsets are delivered to site complete with door leaf, hinges, lining, stop, architrave and ironmongery with all components pre-assembled for guaranteed accuracy and speed of installation.

Speed & Efficiency

Pre-assembled doorsets are simply fixed into position, with a minimum of effort and tools, which greatly reduces the installation time and makes significant savings on labour costs and programme Coordination on site Is greatly improved as doorsets can be fitted upon arrival allowing greater

flexibility with scheduling and minimising the risk of damage from other trades All ETF doorsets are delivered with individual reference labels ensuring ease of identification and swift location and installation

Bespoke Services

ETF doorsets are assembled in accordance with a strict quality control programme ensuing a consistent high standard of finished product and greatly reducing the need for on-site adjustment. Doorsets are supplied to suit individual project requirement with ETF working in close collaboration with the customer to ensure the optimum product is specified to meet regulation, maximise efficiency and minimise cost.


Doorset Specification

ETF Doorsets are supplied and fitted as standard with Door leaf hindges, available In a range of styles and finished

• Framing available In MDF Softwood or Hardwood

• Pre-hung on 3 CE Mark hinges - Certifire Approved

• Ironmongery to suit function of location

• Door Stop to suit customer specification

lncluded with the doorset for on-site installation are.

• Architrave, cut to size and delivered ready to install

• Face fixed ironmongery available in a range of styles

Product Range

Fire rated doorsets supplied fully compliant with all relevant British Standards and have been tested in accordance with BS 476 Part 22

• Acoustic doorsets

Vision Panels - safety, fire rated clear wired glass or clear glass

• Enhanced for security

• Varying door styles - including flush. moulded and timber

• A range of finishes including veneered, paint grade and foil